Tinnitus – It Is Not A Disease It Is A Symptom

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For those who have Tinnitus then you may be most probably aware with a few of the numerous usual causes.
There is a whole list of them for you to select from.

Only when you begin to analyze the recognized facts and their possible consequences will the entire scope of Tinnitus begin to unfold.

There is a million causes why you have got Tinnitus. Let’s consider a short look at some of the more popular symptoms for tinnitus.
How many of these signs could you find in yourself? Add more when you need to.

Lack of concentration,
Social retreat,
Depressive moods,
Lack of persistence,
Panic attacks,
Stress and fear,
Lack of self esteem,

Aside from the hearing loss that is physical, all symptoms displayed here are of a subconscious nature.

Let’s have 3 crucial things into perspective here.

I will reiterate these 3 sentences until they’re tattooed into your heart.

1. Tinnitus is not a illness, it is a symptom!

2. You may be not sick and you’re certainly not mentally ill. You’re being cautioned!

3. You’ll defeat tinnitus should you take it as a part of you.

Once you’re ready to accept that the tinnitus is a part of you, the quicker you could expect to make progress.

The power of your mind is extraordinary. Remember this carefully. If tinnitus made success in turning your life upside down
then accept the truth that it succeeded to achieve agony was your own mind. That is quite an achievement isn’t it ?
That is how powerful your mind is. If it has the ability to make your existence a complete agony then surely it could be re-programmed to perform the reverse.

It’s entirely up to you. The answer lies within oneself and your ability to discover.

What do we understand about the causes of tinnitus?.
Where does it have its roots?

Ever encountered social sickness? Me either. It is a term that I like though.
Here in Germany it’s referred to as “Volkskrankheit “ ( has absolutely nothing to do with vehicles ).

One time I attempted to gather a listing of all elements that I suspected may have contributed to My personal tinnitus. Obviously, I recorded the negative factors of my existence over a ten year period.
Several of these details could have been avoided, most of them were connected to each other. Don’t forget, this is just a list of the things which I think ought to be revealed.
I have tried not to generalize and I have tried my very best to remain honest, even when it requires confessing to some bad sins.
To become really sincere it’s not as dramatic as it seems. It just looks exorbitant when written down!

Marital Stress,
Heavy smoking,
Drug and medication abuse, (i.e. Valium, Marijuana, Cocaine)
Relationship crisis,
harmful eating habits,
Loud noises,
Lack of workout,
High cholesterol,
High blood glucose rate,
Personal loss,
Caffeine addiction ( coffee and cola )
Deficiency of rest,
Money Issues,
Company pressures,
Inclination to worry about anything.

And so……there we have it.

It seems awful I understand. The worst thing is that I am 1 of millions who used stay like this. If you cannot identify with whatever revealed on this list then you shouldn’t have tinnitus. Any one of these factors on their own would be dangerous enough for a person.

Bundle them and you’re left with a time bomb waiting to get off.

And so now there are two lists. The very first one above describes the signs and the second one explains possible reasons. When you look thoroughly at the causes it doesn’t require much visualization to conjure up a “symptom list” such as the one above. What more do you expect?.

I dare you. Take a pencil and paper, record your own “negative list”. Be absolutely truthful and write all of the things that you aren’t proud of or maybe would rather forget about. Write all the things you’d wish to improve if you had a magic wand. ( My bad list is there for everyone to see. You can hide yours :o)

Anyway, you do not need to have tinnitus to create a list like mine. I shall be happy to bet that EVERYONE could come up with a list like mine. I say only similar simply because I know that not most people are obese, or smokes or tried drugs.

Consider very carefully about what you’re reading on your list. If you’re very truthful, you will find that you do not require a magic wand to shorten this list. The only person on this world that can change this list to something to be pleased with is YOU!

I consider my own self being lucky.

Tinnitus gave me the opportunity to re-shuffle my life.

Once more. Do not forget…

1. Tinnitus is not a disease, it’s a symptom.

2. You’re not ill and you are not mentally ill. You are being cautioned!

3. You’ll overcome tinnitus if you accept it as a part of you.

After an “auditory crash” 2 years ago which left me with a temporary unable to hear I had no other option than to take action.

I have been searching for an English Word for German word Hörsturz . Indeed this term is made from 2 terms.
Hör (to hear ) and Sturz ( to crash ). I see this a suitable word

At any rate this “Auditory Crash” of hearing lasted almost 2 days at the most and on account of my physician, I was up in around a week later.
After reading many books and compiling all the details I could come across, I decided to take action. I did not understand it then, but the choice to eliminate anything that was harming me certainly saved my life.

Did you already write down your own list ? If not…let’s imagine this really is your list.

Where do you begin?

There are some things you may change straight away and without having hesitation. Other things requires remarkable patience, lots of time and the will to change.

“Now let’s start at the very beginning, a great place you start” ( Richard Rodgers 1902 – 1979 )

Yet again. Remember…

1. Tinnitus is not a disease, it’s a symptom.
2. You’re not ill and you are not psychologically ill. You are becoming warned!
3. You will overcome tinnitus if you accept it as a part of you.

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