Tinnitus: The 3 Emotional Stages

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It’s a vicious cycle due to the fact tinnitus causes anxiety and is also worsened by stress and worry. Worrying over the tinnitus can cause it becoming worse. Decreased sleep due to ringing in the head results in fatigue which causes the head ringing worse. These are simply some of the mental and psychological problems of tinnitus.
Expel tinnitus and the roller coaster of emotions:

At times it can be more disturbing for men and women who do not understand what’s wrong with them or who have non-supportive physicians that tell them to “get over it” or to discover a method to live a life with tinnitus.

Many people with a hissing in the ears, just like me, will discover that it entirely interferes with normal essential functions of their lives. You have a hard time concentrating, remembering things, listening to other people and concentrating on projects. This makes it almost impossible to work properly on a job or in society.

People having tinnitus experience exactly the same procedure as individuals with other medical issues and disorders. At first you may sense denial, then anger and frustration (especially if you are getting told there’s no remedy and practically nothing will help) and then you may feel hopeless and disheartened. You will think why this needed to happen to you and harp on the fact that your life will never be the same. Next comes fear.

You might worry that you will never live a regular life anymore, worry that this ringing within the ears will bring about havoc with your job and your household, worry that you simply will never be able to enjoy exactly the same things and worry you are going insane or that there is something mentally “improper” with you. At some point down the road if you wish to find healing, you need to find acceptance.

Acceptance- With acceptance comes the understanding that while you do experience this problem and there is no remedy for ear ringing, that doesn’t mean you have to be a sorry victim for the rest of your life.

You will soon come to the realization that there is hope to your tinnitus and that you might have stopped focusing on the head ringing all the moment you could enable your body to start the recovery. In addition one should also notice the truth that this roller coaster of thoughts doesn’t simply affect the tinnitus sufferer but their households as well.

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