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Tinnitus Nearing Epidemic Status

Each year, millions of ordinary people with different way of life, develop a buzzing in their ears. The affliction is called tinnitus. Based on the American Tinnitus Association, as much as 50 million Americans can be struggling with tinnitus. So many individuals nowadays are afflicted with tinnitus, that it is fair to assume it has become a top concern of the health community. It may surprise you, that the problem isn’t well understood and is currently not treatable. Tinnitus is really a non-life threatening condition. There is […]

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Tinnitus – It Is Not A Disease It Is A Symptom

For those who have Tinnitus then you may be most probably aware with a few of the numerous usual causes. There is a whole list of them for you to select from. Only when you begin to analyze the recognized facts and their possible consequences will the entire scope of Tinnitus begin to unfold. There is a million causes why you have got Tinnitus. Let’s consider a short look at some of the more popular symptoms for tinnitus. How many of these signs could you find in […]

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How Stress And Anxiety Are Connected To Tinnitus

Stress could cause lots of problems and aggravate others, including Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. A large number of individuals are afflicted with this kind of condition and can deal with it on a regular basis until eventually strain levels go up and the Tinnitus becomes substantially bad. Naturally, there are many different reasons why someone might suffer from Tinnitus, but anxiety may escalate the results of the ringing in the ears. Therefore individuals with Tinnitus need to manage the strain in their lives to minimize […]

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